Change of Heart Program

To celebrate Konami re-sanctioning in-store organized play (July 15); Team Net is very excited to share with our players the “Change of Heart” program. (Currently in open beta)

Time: July 4th – July 31st

Program description:
During the event period, if you buy a near mint card that is at least $10 at Team Net, and you use at least $1 store credit at check out, you have 3 days to have a “Change of Heart” about that card. During the 3 day window, you can come to Team Net and sell a near mint copy of that card to us for up to 95% of the value of the card depending on how many days have passed.

For example:
If you buy 1 near mint [ROTD Forbidden Droplet 1st edition secret rare] from Team Net for 125$, and then decide that you really don’t like the card, come back the next day and assuming prices did not change we will pay you 112.5 for a near mint for a copy of [ROTD Forbidden Droplet 1st edition secret rare].

The buy percentage for the Change of Heart program is 95% minus 5% per day and you have a 3 day grace period to sell us a copy of that card at near retail value.

***This feature does not apply during the first week of a new banlist

Team Net Note:
As far as we know, this program is the first of its kind for YGO, so while we strive to bring more value to our players, we do not really know what will happen, so all we can do is guess, predict, and speculate. For this reason, we are doing a beta test for a month, and if player reception is positive we can make it a permanent feature at Team Net.

We really hope this program will help you all in trying out new ideas with minimal losses.



When you say 95% retail, do you mean cash or store credit?

That depends on your payment method. If you pay mostly in cash, then it is 95% cash, if you pay with mostly store credit or debit/credit card, then it is 95% store credit.

For example: you buy a card for 111$, and you pay 110 cash, and 1$ store credit (in this case 99% of your payment was cash). So if we buy it for 100$ the next day, 99$ will be cash value and 1$ store credit.


I bought a near mint Forbidden Droplet from Team Net for $125, can I bring in my played/damaged Droplet and claim that I got it from Team Net like that in order to get 112 for my damaged card?

No, when we buy a card, we will look at the condition of the card on its own merit. In addition, there is no way for us to know if it is the same card or not. The Change of Heart program only increases our buy price of certain cards for an individual player.

I bought a card for $90/$100 yesterday, now it sells for $100/$90, which value would be used?

Since the Yugioh price market is very volatile, we will consider the retail price when you bought the card and the retail price when you try to sell it and we use the lower of the two to apply for the Change of Heart buy percentage. So in this case, the lower of the two is 90$, and 90% of 90$ is 81$

I bought an Ultimate Rare Pot of Desires from Team Net, can I trade in my Secret Rare Pot of Desires for 95% ?

No, it must be the same card from the same set with the same rarity and edition.

So it took me longer than 1 day (26 hours) to decide to sell it back, does that mean I only get 85% instead of 90%?

We do not round it by the date or the hour. If it had been 26.5 hours then we will just use that as 1.1 days which is 95% – 5.5%.

On that note, if you buy a card for a big event, and decide to sell it 8 hours later that means it was only 1/3 of a day. Then in this case, you get 95% – 1.7% = 93.3% value of the card back.


I bought 1 copy of Pot of Prosperity Secret Rare yesterday, can I sell 10x copies of Pot of Prosperity to you guys for 90%?

If you only buy 1 copy of a card, then only 1 copy will be eligible for the Change of Heart feature.


I bought 3 identical cards at 3 different times, which date do you guys go by when I sell 1 of them to you guys ?

To get the best percent for the players, we will use the most recent sale first. (Do note that each copy must have been bought in the 3 day period.)


What happens after July 31st?

So cards bought on July 31 will still qualify, we make note of your purchases at the time of purchase. Then, depending on overall opinion on the program, we will decide to continue or end the program from there.