Team Net 3x Forbidden Droplet Tournament 2 (61 Players)

8 Dragon Link (1 Phantom Knight)

8 Dinosaur (1 Shaddoll, 1 Barrier Statue)

8 Shaddoll (7 Dogmatika Invoked, 1 Invoked)

4 Phantom Knight

4 Virtual World

2 Altergeist (1 Dogmatika)

2 Mekk-Knight (1 Eldlich Invoked, 1 Kaiju Luna)

2 Prank-Kids

2 Tri-Brigade (1 Fire Fist, 1 Zoodiac)

2 Unchained

2 Zoodiac

17 Others (1 Burning Abyss, 1 Cyber Dragon, 1 Dogmatika Invoked, 1 Evil Eye, 1 Fairy Link, 1 HERO, 1 Infernity FTK, 1 Lair of Darkness, 1 Lunalight, 1 Nekroz, 1 Nemeses Chaos, 1 Phantasm Spiral, 1 Plunder Patroll, 1 Salamangreat, 1 Satellarknight, 1 Subterror, 1 Warrior FTK)

Top 8:

2 Dragon Link

1 Dinosaur

1 Altergeist

1 Prank-Kids

1 Zoodiac Tri-Brigade

1 Unchained

1 Subterror

Christopher Snow: 1st-2nd (Finals Split)
Zoodiac Tri-Brigade

Colin Morgan: 1st-2nd (Finals Split)

Chandler Morrow: 3rd-4th
Dragon Link

Kristian Perdomo: 3rd-4th

Levi Dudley: 5th-8th
Dragon Link

Michael Wade: 5th-8th

Ivan Villa: 5th-8th

Lahhiim Phillip: 5th-8th

57 thoughts on “Team Net 3x Forbidden Droplet Tournament 2 (61 Players)

  1. Christopher Snow says:

    Lol my side had Pankratops in and only 2 ghost Belle and my main had another revolt in my main.

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